Here are some of my answers to faq’s I get all the time.

  1. How should I prepare for my shoot? Get plenty of sleep the night before and no drinking the night before. Drink plenty of water. Have a drink after the shoot. Make sure you use moisturizer on your skin the night before and before applying makeup.
  2. Do you do hair and makeup? I don’t do hair but I do have makeup artists that I can recommend. 
  3. Who should do my hair? Hair is a very personal choice so I recommend most of my clients do their own hair because they are the only ones who know how it looks right for them. Chances are if you go to a stylist you will get something you won’t like.
  4. Who should do my makeup? I have makeup artists that I can recommend here or you can go to the makeup counter at your favorite department store. They usually do an awesome job. The trick for women is to make sure your eyes are flawless and go easy on the makeup. Lots of eye shadow is a no no for portraits and headshots. Do not use powder for a base or anything with sunblock in it.
  5. Should I go and buy a new wardrobe before a shoot? That is entirely up to you. I generally tell clients bring clothes they already own and look great in. 
  6. What type of clothing should I avoid? Anything with a lot of patterns. Keep it simple, solid colors are best. For guys I make an exception for plaid if you are going for the rugged outdoorsy look.
  7. What happened to the old Denver Glamour website? I moved on. That was something I did in my twenty’s and thirty’s. I am now focusing on my commercial, family photography and creating really huge prints. I have kept the domain because it is one of the most popular photo sites on the web. If you need some glamour or boudior photography, contact me and I will be happy to assist.
  8. I didn’t see my question in the FAQ’s. Call me at 303.630.9230 or click on the contact link above. I would love to answer your questions.