Testing the Fuji X-E2 at high ISO

Testing the Fuji X-E2 at high ISO

Tonight I put the Fuji X-E2 through its paces shooting in difficult lighting conditions at the 16th Street mall in downtown Denver, Colorado. All photos were taken at 1600 or 3200 ISO using Fuji’s 35mm with an aperture of f1.4. I must say that I was quite pleased with the results. Focus was snappy considering the conditions and the small form factor does not draw any attention. If I had used my Canon’s for this it would have drawn much unneeded attention. I also don’t think the Canon’s would have focused much quicker either.

These photos were edited in Adobe Lightroom 5.3 as they are Fuji RAW files and were further processed in Perfect Effects 8.1.

Merry Christmas and enjoy the photos!


3200 iso – Heavily cropped but still maintains a lot of detail.


3200 iso – Moderate cropping and great detail.


 1600 iso


1600 iso

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