Shiprock, New Mexico

Shiprock, New Mexico

Photographing Shiprock, New Mexico was a rare opportunity for me because of its remote location of the rock formation. Shiprock is located within the borders of a Navajo Indian reservation about an hour’s drive from Farmington, New Mexico.  I had always wanted to photograph it after being inspired by Mitch Dobrowner’s work.

Instead of using a Canon 5D Mark II, I opted for a FujiFilm X-Pro1 because I wanted to see how well it worked for photographing landscapes. In the past the Canon 5D Mark II was my go to camera for landscape work. The X-Pro1 has phenomenal lenses and the 16 mega pixel sensor has already proven better than the Canon 5D Mark II for portrait work.  I used both 18mm and 60mm lenses to photograph Shiprock.

The first day of the shoot I arrived in the late afternoon and the weather was less than ideal. But as you can tell from the photos, that lent to some drama that was missing on day two of the shoot. The wind was blowing hard and I had to weigh down the tripod for extra stability. The small footprint of the X-Pro1 also helped since it would be less affected by wind compared to the Canon 5D Mark II.


On the second day I arrived before the sun came up to mostly clear skies unlike the night before. As you can tell Shiprock has a different appearance during fair weather. I definitely preferred the stormy look of day since it added more drama. Shooting on a clear day also means the lighting would be harsh. The Fuji X-Pro1 had no problem handling this type of lighting and the RAW files allowed for a fair amount of shadow detail to be recovered.


You can enjoy the rest of my Shiprock images by clicking this link.

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